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The Odi bar ends are great if you are having trouble keeping your plastic or rubber bar ends inside the bar or if you are tired of wearing the regular ones out too fast.

These bar ends are made with a triple-core design which holds the plugs in place. Simply tighten the allen bolt and you are done. And since this system is to some extent size-adjustable, makes these ODI barends compatible with most bars – Both Steel and Aluminum.

Odi has chosen 6061 aluminum for its mechanical strength and resistance to wear.

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Protect your bars and grips with ODI Aluminum End Plugs. Constructed of sturdy 6061 aluminum, these plugs are designed to take the brunt of whatever you can throw at them. Available in anodized black or silver.

Product features:
– Sturdy 6061 Aluminum
– Fits most sized bars
– Triple-Core Design Holds Plugs Inside Bars
– Sold in pairs

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